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  1. Hey, i im new to this forum and i got a Luke III HH and as you guys have said it comes with 9-42. I have a kind of heavy hand ( played acoustic with 12-52 for years ) and my other guitars are Ibanez with floyd and i used to have 10-46 on all.
    I put 9-42 on my Ibanez but after a while i got my first music man, the Luke III. But the 9-42 feels SOOOOO different on this guitar, and i cannot play so soft and because of it i have problems bending, pull offs and hammer-ons, specially on the first string. So i bought some 9.5-44 and feeling ok playing but i notice the using of tremolo became a little hard and before with the 9-42 it was so amazing... any advices ???
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