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  1. The best way I could put this would be check out some Mr. Big and that would be the sound of the tone zone. That was what Paul Gilbert was using then and it really showcased it nicely. As for the steve's special, check out the original recording of Erotomania by Dream Theater and that will give you a good idea of it dirty. The tone zone has a little more vintage warmth when it is clean but it still sounds like a high output pickup. The steve's special has a really good clean sound in my opinion but it's more trebley, good treble though, it's not brittle. If I were you i would go for the steve's special if you have a Vai type sound through your amp because the tone zone would be a bit to round and bassy, but if you want a more PAF sound when you are clean then the tone zone would suit a little better in that department. I don't exactly know your preference though. Good luck!
  2. Hey, was just wondering what your overrall preference is over the tone zone or steves special? I really like the idea of the tone zone if the mids are well balanced with treble as not sure on idea o the super scooped mods of special but let me know! Appreciate it!!
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