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  1. Thanks man - I haven't even read tone?'s reply to me yet, but from your message I assume it wasn't pretty. Not that it matters, really.

    I appreciate the welcome here and I don't think I'll find it hard to play by the rules. It does seem like a good forum. It's company run and the owner posts ever day! Who could have a problem with not advertising other brands here??
  2. Seems you got a major dickhead on your tail in the name of Tone?...Unbelievable, the way some people can thrash a company, even after it's CEO explained him extensively, in a personal thread why there would not be a EBMM Custom Shop. And after having been asked that same question a million times. I just made an account on the SD forum to explain to the little child and the rest there why he's talking bull since his thread here was deleted, but after a little thought I figured it wasn't worth it to litter another company's forum. Too bad some people have no self-reflection... I for one welcome you to the club with that awesome Morse you're about to get. Hope you stick around in this collection of weirdos. Contrary to Tones believes, owning other brands isn't frowned upon, just advertising for them is . Cheers!
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