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  1. tried to find it on the akron ohio luck? Let me know, thanks
  2. Mrfstop, I have been lurking on the bass forums for some time but never posted, I saw that you were possibly looking for a buttercream stingray,... well, I have one and have been trying to sell it locally on craigslist to no avail. If you go to akron ohio craigslist and search buttercream you will find my ad. I would rather let her go to a fellow ebmm fanatic. Mind you, two of the pics are NOT mine and were found by google searching. The one on the couch and on the green carpet are mine. If you are interested I can take more pics and attempt to email them to you. Let me know. You can call me @ 330-322-9233. My name is David. I've been spending alot of time @ the hospital with my father so if I don't answer, leave me a message and I will call back when I can. thanks.
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