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  1. thank you man...
  2. here is your tracking number 468676815056602 its going fed ex and it should be there monday , well thats what they said anyway. thanks again enjoy it
  3. Oh ok.. No prob man... Sounds good
  4. I had five guitars sell and i wanted all out the same day so everything will be going out tomorrow and i will have tracking for you then , didnt want to delay shipment but the fedex store isnt close to me and i didnt want to have to go more then twice in one week and like i said i have 5 going out tomorrow. i would have been there all week if i didnt pick one day and send everything at once.
  5. Hey man.. Do u have a tracking number??
  6. Just ship it to the same address... Thanks

    Willie Morales
    6436 N Stockton Ave.
    Odessa Tx 79764
  7. thanks I got the payment , just tell me the address you want me to ship to and i will get it out to you
  8. Hey brother... It's done.. Let me know when u get it...
  9. Hey man.. I received ur email yesterday but I had a very busy day man, I ll be making the payment here in a bit, let me know when u get it.. I might put a different address for u to ship it but im not too sure yet..
  10. No problem man.. I ll be waiting for it...
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