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About REME7178
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old Magizines
Current Setup: The main bass I play is a 4 string EBMM Sterling with EB Hybrid Slinky Strings (Orange pack). I plug in to a Gallien Kruger 1001RB II in a SKB rack with a Korg DTR-2000 Digital Tuner and a Tripp-Lite Surge Suppressor. For my bass cab I use the Ampeg Svt 610hlf Classic.

Sometimes I plug into a Markbass CMD 102P paired with a Markbass 151HF. I like to use the Markbass setup when I am in my house or when I go to a friends place. I have a little Epiphone Viola Bass with D'Addario medium flatwound strings that I like to mess around with when I use the MB setup. It sounds like thick rubber bands attached to a ax handle and a empty cigar box. My wife likes this setup better because it's not as thunderous as the Gallien-Krueger 1001rb-II hooked up to a good Ampeg bass cab, and she thinks the Markbass setup is cute WTFE, I love the way the Markbass setup and the GK/Ampeg setup both sound, but I like to rattle houses, shake trailers, set off car alarms, and kill puppies and small children.

Occasionally I like to pull out a 4 string EBMM Stingray that I have with EB Power Slinky strings (light Pink pack) a Basslines SMB-4A pickup and Basslines STC-3M. I can really hear and feel the difference between the Stingray and my Sterling. The Stingray has a smoother more full sound that's strong and super crisp when I slap.

***Just got a Ampeg SVT-CL Heritage ($1349.99/New Made in the USA) over the holiday weekend (Presidents Day), I am still not going to give up the Gallien Krugers, but I might put it them up for a little while. I also found a used, but newish Markbass Standard 106HF ($675). It was a good weekend two items off my wish list. Previously owned gear: I use to have a Line 6 LowDown HD400 with a LowDown 410. I liked to mess around with the effects and I thought it sounded pretty good. Then I got a Ampeg Svt 7 Pro and a Svt 410hlf Classic that I eventually paired with a Ampeg SVT 15E. The SVT-15E is a 8ohm cab and the SVT 410hlf is a 4ohm cab so I dont think that I was supposed mix the ohms or use cabs together, but I did anyway and it sounded badass.

I came across a Ampeg SVT 50 PRO ISOVENT and I really liked the way it sounded better than the SVT 410hlf Classic that I had so I traded the Line 6 setup I had for it. BTW best trade I ever did. I tried/tested out the SVT-50 PRO ISOVENT with a GK 1001RB II. When I hooked it up to the SVT 7 Pro that I had it sounded way different. So I got a hold of a GK 1001RB II and put the SVT 7 Pro away with the SVT 410hlf, even when I got the SVT-15E I and pulled the SVT 410hlf back out to see what they souned like, I continued to use the GK 1001RB II and not the SVT 7 Pro.

I like the GK 1001RB II over any of the Ampeg solid state bass heads, or any othersolid state bass heads I have tried. I have two GK 1001RB II heads just in case something happens to one of them. I ended up trading the Ampeg Svt 7 Pro and a Svt 410hlf Classic for the Markbass CMD 102P and the Markbass 151HF that I have now.

I traded the Ampeg SVT 15E toward a Ampeg SVT 610hlf Classic that I use now, I thought about keeping it and hooking it up to the Svt 610, but I was told that it was not a good idea because of the difference in ohms and that it would not sound right.

I gave the Ampeg SVT 50 PRO ISOVENT away to my Niece for her bass, and made my sister swear not to sell it. That cab is almost 20 years old and both my Wife and my sister think it's a heavy, old, dirty POS. My Niece is in love with it, she can't move it or take it anywhere though.
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