BFR Feb 2020

Smelly's Ball Collection

All my balls, including the ones I've sold.
  1. Half Of my outfit for the UK BASH!
  2. axhead
  3. axis
  4. NONE MORE BLACK.........
  5. I only had this for like a day - Thanks to wolfbone, my BFR arrived seconds later!
  6. My old SUB, now sitting at JimmyB's secret storage facility.
  7. Don't you just wanna lick those colours???
  8. BFR !
  9. DSCF0229
  10. DSCF0239
  11. Al Holding room
  12. Fitting EB strap locks is easy
  13. DSCF0166
  14. My New Sub - soon to be project blue sub!
  15. DOWN SCOPE! - sub joke?
  16. DD LUKE
  17. IMAG0166
  18. IMAG0160
  19. SOLD! - Was nice but needed to make space for a BFR -watch this space.
  20. 1 of 5 made, and as far as I know the only one in the UK! Best guitar ever. Than you Poppa.
  21. This my black Axis with matching headstock, a gift from my wife, I love it as much as her!
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