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  1. Hey Paul, All the best to you and yours!

    25th is 'off the chain' (as the young people say :-)) - I've cased everything but that and my luke now - I got a deal from DaveB around that for my 25th - there's still a couple in the UK - You know you want too! - The neck on the 25th is a cross between the luke and the axis? (I guess) - mine needs more playing before it feels like a comfy chair. but It's a long termer in my collection.

    The AL is amazing too - but the series and parallel switch on the 25th lets you thin out the tones, gives you Al-type sounds in one guitar that you can also get Big Les Paul tones out of !

    Why don't you get one shipped to DaveB on approval and take her for a spin?

    Be good!
  2. Hi Smelly

    Happy Xmas!

    I was just wondering how you're getting on with 25th? I'm looking to get another EBMM guitar to work with my Luke.

    Spoke to Dave at Machinehead who can do me a BFR Luke for 2K - great price. But, although I love my single coils, and I know I'll get another tone with BFR Luke, the 25th is still calling. How's it handling for you? What's the neck like (an axis, an Al)?

    I'm not exactly looking for single coil sound otherwise I'd stick with Luke - something a bit thicker to give me more contrast. Also, later in the year, considering something that's got more of a tele sound - would that be an Al?

    Hope you don't mind the questions.

    All the best.

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