Balls past and present

These are my balls as I journey to guitar perfection.
  1. second picture after opening the case.  Neck is smaller than I was anticipating but dont think it will cause my arm to cramp like the Luke.
  2. First picture after opening the case.
  3. Present ball a steve morse floyd waits inside
  4. This is how the Floyd silo looked when I got it.
  5. silo special hardtail. Best neck I have ever played on just wanted a floyd so traded it for the white one.  This was my second ball.
  6. luke II body
  7. First ball was a luke II with piezo limited buttercream.  gorgeous guitar but arm would cramp up after playing it.
  8. third ball.  Wanted a floyd and loved the silo special neck but 24 fret neck felt awkward to me. Traded the Hard tail silo spec for this.
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