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  1. I should also say I am gonna put it on the sales thread on the forum soon so pics on there if you sooner view the pics there. I can hold off tho to give you first refusal before opening it up. Just let me know
  2. Hey man
    Yeah I've actually only just taken pictures. My entire upstairs of my house has been replastered so I had to pack everything away for a few days. I'm in mobile at minute and can't see a feature to add pics. I've put them on photobucket so if you give me an email address I can probably just share the album with you

  3. Hi Chris - tbh not my first choice as im primarily after a std floyd equipped axis but youve intrigued with the piezo - got any pics?


  4. Hi
    Are you still after an axis in the UK?
    I've got a super sport with piezo if you are interested? It's trans red flame top, maple neck. I'm in Nottingham
    Looking for 1200 but can negotiate if you are interested
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