BFR October 2019

My equipment

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Some of my guitars and amps
  1. Luke BFR
  2. Backside of my BFR
  3. Birds Eye Maple neck. 
I'm a sucker for nice necks
  4. Headstock BFR
  5. Close-up of BFR
  6. Musicman Luke 2 BFR Ruby Red burst
  7. Built this Silverburst.
  8. , 16 unitsMy new rack
  9. My new rack, 16 units
  10. Me ready for some tunes for our new CD at Svenska Grammofon Studion in Gothenburg. Using my Musicman Luke 2 pearl Blue
  11. Some of my gear at home, repainted a Gibson Flyin vee faded to red burst
  12. some of me pedals and pedal boards
  13. My set-up at the studio, My Soldano amps and speakers, ready for W/D/W
  14. My Gibson Explorer and Flying Vee
  15. My Amps and speakers just before going to the studio
  16. My Flying Vee Silverburst, built it, painted it.
  17. My Les Paul, built it, painted it.
  18. My Les Paul, built it, painted it.
  19. Close up off my repainted Gibson Flying Vee Faded
  20. A wall with some of my guitars
  21. Soldano amps and Speakers and a bastard,  
Custom Audio Amp OD100 SE+
  22. My old "girlie" rack
  23. Some of my guitars, the white Flying vee is now Silver burst
  24. Some guitars
  25. Some guitars
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