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  1. Oh Okay....I'm not a Shriner, but happen to be a Mason. I'm not very active...moved away from my lodge of origin....procrastinating....

    A bongoloid huh? lol....Yeah, I tried a 2 pickup version, and it wasn't for me. I'd like to try a single pup version though. I've heard it's a little thumpier for regular Rock n Roll & Blues.
    Could be wrong.....but I'm content with my Stingrays for now.
  2. Not I! But yeah, TK and I go back a few years now. I turned him into a Bongoloid, although it really wasn't my fault.
  3. I see that TK Carter and yourself were mentioning brethren, and shriners in an old post about Bart pups.

    Travellin' Men on the Forums eh'??
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