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  1. Hi, Bovine. Thanks for sorting out that spam for me.
  2. Hi Bovine,

    Louis Blues poem #9 in the general forum. Replies by:

    Wyvernnere, has porn links, looks eastern europe?

    Culatlin, some form of "test" (?) clicking on the "Assurance retrait..." link (french web domain?) brings up Error 404 message.

    Best wishes,

    JohnnnyBoy (aka Louis)

    P.S. Thanks for sorting out the probs with poem #6 reply. It's a bit galling to get spam/porno links on your poems postings, but @ least there's a response and perhaps because they are read by appx 150 - 200 persons per week, I'm therefore a selected target?

    At least in parallel with the increase over 9 weeks in readers of poems there is also some increase in:-

    * More persons joining the forums.
    * More reading of past poems postings (including all the EBMM related ones for Silhouettes, Bongo, WaH etc)

    All good for me and EBMM (I'd tell Big Poppa this, but won't break the #1 rule of his "Don't PM me").

    Both spam etc , both now blocked from contacting me.
  3. Hi,

    Louis Blues poem #6 in the general forum. A reply post by Usunsi - looks like cosmetic surgery or may be it's porn? To keep safe I have not clicked on the links, I have also blocked Usunsi from contacting me.
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