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  1. Hey man thats cool. When ever you find the time that would be great there isnt too much of a rush...(cuz you know...january lol) but hey ya if you could send me some pics of it outside in the sun thatd be fantastic!

    Hopefully get in touch again soon.
  2. Sorry.. I missed your message before. I am about to leave for a conference for work all next week. I'll try to take some pictures when I get a chance. As far as the color, it is indistinguishable from the Marrone models, even though it is officially listed as Island Burst.

    As for my snagging it, sorry about that! (but not too sorry ;-) ). I called them as soon as I saw the post about which retailers got the one-offs, and they had not even listed it yet. Maybe we talked to different people there and they had not synced up yet.
  3. Hey man saw that you got the Koa majesty. I was wondering if you could take some pictures of it in the sun. That way I can see what it looks like in comparison to other pictures. Honestly (funny story) I was gonna buy that and music farm said I could buy it before any one and when I got payed (the next day) they sold it without telling me. lol. (no hard feelings ). But I just want to make sure I want to wait till January for the next one which is why those pictures would be great if you could find the time.
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