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  1. Ohhh damn RAIN!! But sounds like it was still a good time...A good looking drummer, huh? Sounds like a good day to me

    Things are going well over here, no more earthquakes thank goodness! Hopefully it stays that way.

    Hugs from California!!
  2. awwww thank you darlink!!... it RAINED ALL DAY so we went to a cool lounge bar in notting hill the next day (my real birthday) it was sunnier...i caught everyone at church and a good looking drummer guy took me to dinner with some friends good day haa haa!

    how are you doin? no more earthquakes i hope?!
  3. Happy Birthday my friend!! I know I'm a day late...

    I hope the weather was nice for your birthday picnic and you had a wonderful time!!!
    Love you much!!
  4. hey gorgeous just thought id say hi and i miss you loads... come visit!!!
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