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  1. Hey, Drewbixcubed. I tried posting a question in the forums but it doesn't seem to be showing up anywhere. Maybe you can help me with my question if you have the time. I recently purchased a pack of Ernie Ball 6-string Slinky Bass Guitar (w/ small ball end 29 5/8 scale) strings. My question is what tuning they are made for? The reason I ask is because the website (Strings, Instrument Strings, Music Strings for Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Fiddle and More) that I purchased the strings from have them listed as being made for B standard/B-C tuning. I have a set of the Ernie Ball 6-string Slinky Bass Guitar strings on my Shecter Hellraiser C-VI Baritone guitar (30 scale length) tuned to B standard/B-B right now. The tension on the strings feel good and tight. When I tried to tuned the strings to E standard/E-E they seem too loose to me. Any information that you can provide on my question will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time Drewbixcubed.
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