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  1. Hello. I was formerly a member of this forum, known as s6275. This forum is owned by a company which is owned by Sterling Ball. Using my former username, I said something that, when blown out of proportion by an overzealous moderator, offended the owner of the company. It was not the first time this has happened, and I am certain it won’t be the last.

    I own a Sterling AX40D, a SUB4, a SUB5, an Axis, and a fully loaded Axis Sport. Throw faithful use of Ernie Ball pedals and strings in there as well. Aside from all this this, as a music teacher and repair technician, I am also responsible nearly two dozen other Music Man instruments sold by directly evangelizing the quality and tone that saturates these instruments. The instruments I own, being of high quality, will likely endure. Aside from the unlikely need to contact Customer Service with a problem or repair, I won’t be posting here, and won’t be placing a phone call or walking into a store to purchase Music Man gear.
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