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  1. Spudly H Murphy Happy Holidays and New Years please send me a E mail as your E addy don't work anymore
    when I post,hope all is well in Cardiff and that your still play`in I've done a piece in Ash wood (not a Guitar)
    for your CD/DVD's as a seasons woodcraft project. Cheers from Jerry
  2. Happy Birthday to Eric Clapton,and you to Spuddly since they fall on same day.
    2nd to last day of Jeff Beck Tour 2010 is in Cardiff, (St.David's) So if you can pick me up & let me stay at your home I'll pay for tix's.
    Erine Ball folks I'm a guitar fan as my friend Spud will tell you
    and won't post here very often just letting him know(Kev.)that
    I got his helpful post recently and his pic (Play`in guitar) without the guitar strap
    he got from this side of pond for his 1973 Les Paul but seeing he wasn't
    playing a LP in the pic,its alright then. JBBSS
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