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  1. Hi Spud..Have you ever heard of Stompin Tom Connors?He*s a famous[sorta] Canadian country singer songwriter...One of his more pop songs being *Bud the Spud from PEI*.He*s probably in his late 70s by now..a very colorful character indeed.PEI is a province of Canada,whose only export ,besides lobster..eat your heart out..is potatoes..check him out..he*s a piece of work..happy holidays,Alf.
  2. Hi Sir Spuddly.I read your post on the Yamaha amp..the thr 10.We haven*t seen them over here on the Great Continent yet..Are they really as good as you say?My Lady friend[she likes that title]wants to get me one for Christmas..wattaya think..cheers,sir Alfred.
  3. Hi Spud.I have several EBMM guitars,as well as many other brands..which I dont use..too lazy to sell em.Maybe a half n half mix of necks..ie maple or rosewood fretboards.I have read countless forums on treating fretboards and am still confused.You mentioned baby oil on rosewood..what about maple..I have teated the backs of the necks only,and now these guitars are 10 yrs old and in need of something.Plz fill me in if you can.Tx,Alf.
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