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  1. Thanks for getting back to me. I have done that and there wasn't a combo that matched what I am getting. In fact I didn't see any black pear PGs. John
  2. Oooopzez and apologies ... [RE: PG colors, etc]

    There IS a good place to look. Link: Basses .....

    But it's not as versatile as my memory told me it was. It doesn't
    actually have a menu of PGs that it overlays on body colors ....

    BUT .... if you browse the instruments you MAY find the combo
    of PG and finish that shows you what you wanna see. Go to the
    linked page and click on any instrument, and then down the left
    side of that instrument's page for the body finishes. Various body
    colors will display whatever PG on them that EBMM chose to show
    as their example. With any luck, you'll hit what you need, or even
    be led to a new idea of what PG looks best on what body finish.

    Hope thaz at least some partial help. It's fun, anywho .....
  3. Golem, you said that there was a way to change the PG on the EB factory site. Was that just going to each PG to see it displayed or did it appear on the bass itself. I am thinking about the Bongo 4H in Sapphire Black with a Black Pearloid PG but I would like to see what it looks like before I order. I think the contrast will be nice and might bring out more of the other shades in the sparkle! Thanks, John
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