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  1. That thread was closed so I'll take the time to reply u here.
    Yeah, It's been pretty a disappointment with this bass. Not just the bass is brand new and that screw came off too easily but there's also some serious problem with getting a reasonable tonality. So yeah, I was expecting bongo would be way better than this. And looking for whatever tip I could get from the community here and warning to others to consider carefully about getting a bongo as a 6 strings option. I believe there's must be better 6 strings basses out there around this range of price according to taste of cous.
    Buy as for your comments...
    I think I got u wrong or U just trolled? seriously?? On this forum? arent u already too old to for those things?
    Saying what u want protected behind a computer screen is really a thing for pussies. Remember that. Don't be a prick. Cmon...
    So **** off.
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