Mariposa Green

Lenny Stuff

My Guitars and rig!!
  1. me and my Al
  2. al
  3. Namm2007
  4. The Axis is gone to a good home but the Bass and the AL are still here!
  5. My very first EBMM ...gone!
  6. My 2nd EB/MM ...Gone traded for a Sterling Bass which i still have!!!
  7. SOld to LumberJack
  8. An old family shot....only the AL is left ...
  9. Sold to a good guy !!!
  10. Gig Board
  11. Pedal Collection
  12. My sparkly AL and my Main Amp, a 78 Fender 70 watt w/master volume Super Reverb, loaded with JJ tubes in the Pre and Winged c's in the Power section
  13. My Favorite Guitar and Strap i love my Moody!
  14. Me and AL
  15. My board hahaha its a space station!
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