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  1. Ooom now I get it! Haha, that's the BP line, because he said to Joe B. "sorry for the top"
    That's a cool line, because of the complete opposite! Love them, still I haven't got the Luke I was wanting, because of some unexpected financial problems.
    Tell me, is there any other site for used guitars, that sells used guitars other then eBay and so I can afford my BFR model.
  2. Hey Dreadge.

    Sorry for the extremely late reply. I've not been on for a while.

    Me saying the top sucks is playing on a long running theme within the forum relating to all BFR tops because they are sooo delicious, people were being sarcastic saying they sucked. That grew out of some non-EBMM lovers slating the BFR range saying that the EBMM tops sucked because they thought they weren't really that impressive but we all know that's not the case.

    Did you ever pick up a BFR Emerald Green Luke then?


  3. Hello, I saw You wrote somewhere about your BFR Green Luke!? I'm getting one very soon, and why do You think the top sux
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