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  1. Hey man, so sorry I got to this late. I didn't see it. Paypal is the safest and make sure they have a confirmed address.

    I've paid as little as $90 for the pair, but seen them sell for $200 a pair. The economy sucks, so I wouldn't expect a ton from them. Do you still have them?

  2. Hi radrock, I saw an older thread where you posted about your experience buying and selling ebmm axis pickups on craigslist/ebay. I am a forum member here and i am considering selling my axis pups. I have not sold anything on Ebay before. any advice as to best way to do transaction…paypal, money order etc..

    also if you don't mind me asking what were you able to get for selling axis pickups. I don't really know what is a reasonable asking price.

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