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  1. It's an R&B/Latin/Rock dance party band that I joined in September. Name of band is Artistic Measure and its based in Chino. I still have my "buddy band" with church friends that gets together now and then (we also have a bluegrass variant of that, but that's another story). Not doing the hard rock thing anymore. The other two are more my style.
  2. That's sweet! Which band is it - are you still doing the hard rock gig, or is it the new one you were going to form months ago?
  3. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that. My band is playing Zendejas Bar and Grill in Ontario (60 FWY and Vineyard) for New Years Eve, stoked we get to play for four hours.
  4. hey thanks for the compliment on the Big Al. I am really lovin it.
  5. Nice bass, man!
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