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  1. HI Jason,

    Thanks for the message. I'm not on often so it takes me time to realise messages are here! Are you in the UK? I'm interested, though someone else is wanting to sell a trans black BFR as well! How's the condition on yours? I'm after new or "as new" to be honest. Let me know and can always check out pictures if you have any?


  2. Hi there. I don't know if anyone has written to you about your desire for a Bali Burst LII yet, but I wanted to respond. I'm not sure if you meant an LII or an LIII. The Bali Burst was only for the LIII. If you want an LII with the EMG pups, I have a guitar that may be closest to what you want. I have a BFR Luke II with an all rosewood neck. As far as I know, it's the only BFR Luke from the first limited run of rosewood necks. It has the mahogany tone block and a flame maple top in Bahama blue burst. Let me know if you are interested. If not, no worries. Best, Jason
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