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  1. hey eric, thanks for answering... i thought you band might be playing classic rock judgeing by the guitars you play...i really like both you axes... i used to own a small store in the early 90s and sold ebmm...i also had a lee back then...thats when they only came in pink only... i have a silo sp and a 25th now...anyway iam in to the stones too...i have been working on open g tuning tumbling dice,brownsugar... sounds better than standard...ill check out your my space...tornandfrayed(louis) p.s. i love those two guitars you play
  2. Thanks man.

    I just love playing those MM guitars, I really don't think I could go back to Ibanez. The amp is actually a Fender Cyber Twin. It's a great 'modeling' amp, defintely the best modeling amp I have played. I like it much better than VOX or Line6. Unfortunately, I don't think they make them any more.

    Our band plays classic rock: Stones, The Who, Bowie, The Cars... that kind of stuff. If you want to hear some clips, we are at myspace.com/stimulusjam. I should probably get a website started soon - but that would mean less time playing.

    Take care
  3. Hey paranoid 70, you have two fantastic looking ebs.. I see your playing through a fender twin...what kinda music do you guys play? P.s. That albert lee is cool..love the color!
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