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  1. Tx Johnny..I*ll probably end up making one myself..pics to follow.
  2. I got it from Chandlers. It's not really cheap because every time they have to charge a custom setup fee but black probably won't cost too much. It's essentially a standard Axis Sport pickup but with the MM-90 pickup location in the same spot as the front and back MM-90's on a 3 pickup Albert Lee. This is what was in my last order with them >>

    (1) each - pickguard pattern # 3962 Music Man USA made Axis HH model type guard
    - MM90 pickup rout at neck
    - MM90 pickup rout at bridge

    They told me it cost $200 or more bucks to make a template so they won't make a template for this design. I think it's a $24 charge for the custom cut. So add that on to whatever the cost of a black HH guard is. If they have any issues let me know and I can see if I have any other info I can give you!
  3. Hi Johnny.I have many EBMM guitars..a lot of sports..the best feeling,playing and sounding of them all is my gray..silver..pewter..whatever..one..mm90,rosewood .,trem..like yours. To me it*s pretty dull looking..I*d like to give her a new look..a black pick guard…where did you get yours..I looked at chandlers..no mm90 guard..or did you build it yourself?Tx,Alf.
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