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  1. flats is not for everyone so you will have to try it to decide if you like them. the rotosounds are so stiff they feel like playing on solid steel.. group III eb or perhaps even group IV if you like strings light.. they are more flexible and dont have so high tension

    i love the way they make the bongo sound.. the bongo has this warm sound, with extended frequency range both up and down. i like the smooth feeling of the flats when you slide and the thump they introduce..
    if your biggest idol is flea and you want to sound like him.. forget about flats.. go with stainless steel, or perhaps even the new cobalt strings..
    if you like old skool james jamerson thump.. duck dunn thump.. a little less high end.. then flats will be your best friend..
    the best part is that a set of flats can last for years.. they dont sound worse if they are older
  2. indeed my friend

    tromsų it is!

  3. try it in google earth

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