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My Gear

  1. Reflex Game Change HSHP
  2. 2012 PDN, Honey Burst, Mahogany, Roasted Birdseye neck, Bongo 5Hp.  The newest and most beautiful addition to the clan.  I think this one will be a...
  3. My main amps - Markbass MoMark SA500 on top of a fEARful 12/6/1 cab, GK RB400-IV, GK Neo 1x12.    The Peters (Polaris) amp is for my skinny-string...
  4. Black Sugar and Pearl White.  Still have the Bongo but sold the Big Al to raise funds for a new Mahogany, Roasted-Necked Bongo Hp Fretless
  5. Pearl White. Nice!!  Sold and off to New York
  6. LOVE the Bongo 5H.  It rules everything I've had so far.
  7. 2005 Bongo 5HS (LE, Buttercream) - don't have this one anymore.
  8. 2010 Tobacco Burst Sterling 5H - don't have this one anymore either
  9. Me, at home, playing my Bongo 5H (BFR, Roasted, Black Sugar) - love this bass!!
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