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2nd Bristol Street Gig 2009 09 20

Following on from the massive international success of our first street gig we were invited to play again at another one two weeks later. There were three bands for this one but the main act dropped out at the last minute (tut tut) and we became the headline act.

So, just for a brief moment in time we were the biggest rock band in Falmouth Road, Bristol. Ah, the glory.
  1. Jamie my drummer loves the B4H, says it's the best bass sound he's played to - in fact, he insists I use it and not the Blue Dawn (sorry Magnus)...
  2. Decided to go with the Bongo 4H for this gig and try it in a live setting. It's great, fantastic tone, easy to set up and play in the dark.
  3. We had two young fans in the red and yellow chairs when we were setting up and they said they didn't care when we told them we'd be loud - looks like...
  4. Jammin' with Jamie during Sweet Home Alabama - we had a seriously good time.
  5. Jamie the Drummer is the guy I'm working with in our originals band and I drafted in him in after the first street gig - he got stuck in traffic on...
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