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  1. Hey I like the composition of your latest pictures as far as subject and framing goes. You should try a couple of things to really get the pictures to pop! 1) No Flash 2) Increase your ISO to a numerically higher setting. 3) Increase your exposure time. 4) Consider a tri-pod or single leg stand for mounting the camera onto. This will keep it from smearing the picture due to movement of the operator. I am thinking you already know all these things, but I am very confident these things will really make your pictures great. I think the poses and subject matter are awesome. You just need to give them a bit of "Rock and Roll" treatment !! Hope this helps!! Steve
  2. She is as good as I have ever experienced. You should take a look at the other works of hers @ either her web page www.ellenote or her flickr hosted page @ Flickr: Ellenote's Photostream. I am so blown away by the art she has done for us and a huge amount of other local (NW USA) bands and perforers. Plus she is an amazing singer/songwriter. I guess some one had to be the ugly old dude !!lol I think that are so lucky to count among our friends/fans/fellow artist. Every time I have the chance I will tell world how good Elle is !!
  3. no problem Steve. I just didn't want to see anyone get in trouble.

    I am loving the guitar, it freaking rips!!
  4. Thanks again for the heads up yesterday! Most would not have bothered with warning someone they have done something dumb! & should probably fix it!! It was a most rightous thing to do. Any time I can return the favor, you can count on it !

    Thx ,

    Ps. That guitar is F#@k*&# Beeeeeeatching!!! Awesome score! Who said karma means nothing?
  5. No worky... Bovinehost just went ahead and deleted the whole album.And the best part is , he said I can rebuild it with EBMM content!!!!!!
  6. no problem man, do this, click on the album and look to the right of your screen there is an "Edit Album" button. That may do it.
  7. I have tried to delete all three of those pictures , with no avail. I can edet the caption , but it will not let me delete those three. Got any Ideas? I really don't want to piss off any one , especially in their own house.
  8. I tried to delete that pic , but it kept timing out or something. So I changed the caption to "I wish I had bought the 25th aniv single cut" . I hope that helps for now . I will get it gone ASAP. Thanks for the heads up.

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