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  1. Hi, been a while but I have a question may be you can help me with.

    I'd like to sell my Silhouette Bass

    Details: Black 1995. Spec as factory including original old style ply n vinyl case. Used by bass player of 24/7 Spyz - black funk heavy metal group, so a few marks but condition very good to excellent. I have modified it to left handed, but kept all the orginal parts so it's relatively easy to go bakc to right handed. Plus...5 sets of new strings included. Tuned E- to e, one octave below standard guitar.

    Can I just advertise on the Forum? If so where's best to place my advert?

    Best wishes, John

    P.S quoted list price here in UK from EBMM dealer is 1755, order waiting time appx 6 to 9 months, obviously my price would be a lot less than this

    Best wishes, John

    PS Bongos not for sale!!
  2. 10-4 Buddy. Looking at diary to see if LIMS 09 is truly poss. Wallander detective series is now hot on UK TV. Wife & I prefer the Swedish with english subtitles version on BBC4 compared to UK version with Kenneth Branagh. Both good though.
  3. I'm good with felt picks, thanks
    Yep, definitely going to LIMS 2009, I'll probably be staying at the same place, taking some more time this year, so we'll have ample tome to delve into the mysterious world of thingies;-9
  4. Yo Strummer

    Wife may drag me to Denmark Street next week - want any more rubberplucking gizmos?

    (no you are not getting that Fender VI from vintage & Rare- it's mine subject to gold bricks snowing on my house) Going to 2009 bash LIMS?

    Regards JohnnyBoy aka Louis virtual poet.
  5. Thanks for the b'day card will keep my birtrhday month next Jan - saw really great Fender VI bass in Vintage & Rare, Denmark Street only 5000!!! (62 model)
  6. He's an 'orrible 'orrible man
    just said my Bongo darling looks like
    a crapper seat you fix on tha can.

    I'd like to tie him to a chair and and feed
    him non-stop sickly fries and spam
    perhaps then he'll like my bass
    and love like wot I am

    (sorry slipped into strangulated english mode there ... ghost of shakespeare will most prob appear to me tonight rattling his chains! Let's go on and finish this epic poem...)

    No need to beat him up
    and threaten the varmint with sticks
    I'll just get my latest bongo out
    of it's case and wave it it's a 6!

    (6 for sheer intimidation yes?)

    Keep on discoing young whipper snapper

    (a young looking 51 if I say so myself)

    P.S. Heard classic Average White Band track "let's go round again" today, must go out to get best of tomorrow - ah memories!
  7. You 'orrible 'orrible man
  8. Some groovy toilet seat man!
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