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Big Poppa

Defining Moments....

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OK....I'm really happy. Giddy.
The economy sucks. Trying to make something in America that is a little different and costs more...(duh)

The existing business model doesn't work......Can't fixit or get anyone to listen. Everybody wants to use new technology and content but they refuse to think about the real ways to make it work and more global and accessible. Everybody wants to control the inventory.....Thats another blog. My fingers hurt from trying to defend the old school distribution model to passionate people from far away lands....They want the stuff and can get it but they also know that because of where they live they may
have to pay triple. Meanwhile we sell less.

We didn't build a bigger factory. We never built inventory. Big Factories ALWAYS become mangy dogs that you have to feed. Im living in real time and we are down on the guitar side a little but there is no pain because I dont have unwanted inventory and the debt and overhead of a dead factory.

I hired engineers and young smart people instead.

Couldn't sleep...too pumped!

It was the five year anniversary of my Dads passing yesterday. I actually think I know where time goes and no longer fight it. I sort of attack it. I love it. I have no other choice. I learned from my father who didn't understand or accept the natural flow and the role you get to play. The word 'get' is the operative one. I don't burn that time with regret about how I should have done something and Im not running my business on the current mantra of denial.

Speaking of denial.....You dont think that there was some denial in sub-prime lending? Denial in people actually believing that what went up stays up? Economic Viagra failed. America blew it's phantom equity and now the second guessers who were sucking on the hind pacifier are pointing fingers. In the Auto industry why didn't they turn heat down on production? Why didn't they understand R&D? They never played musical chairs in first grade. The music stopped and Ford had a seat. Thats another story.

My Dad taught me things that are intuitive. My Dad taught me that if you couldn't figure out why certain choices were made it was because, 'The world is run by D students" Sage advice.

Enough about Pop's....Why am I excited? Im excited because I have Son's that are pumped and rarin to go. I want to hand them the brushes but hold the easel. I have young engineers that have goose bumps and look like they have to pee all the time because they are so excited about the places they are going and the processes and products they see. The thing I see is that they are in a defining moment and the beauty is that I couldn't see them when I had em....I don't expect them to either but guess what? I do..... and thats one of the fabulous things about getting older.

I never understood that Dudley and I were taking on one of Leo Fenders easels. That blind energy and determination has to be a bigger rush than heroin. As I said in stage 54 of my life I know that I can get cheaper movie tickets around the corner and know what is really happening to these people....that's my heroin.

Leo's long gone. I think that he liked our stuff. Les Paul is gone. Gotta love a guy who gigged into his nineties and still loved being a cat. That time thing has done its thing and know I know that even though remember Im internally 30 I must be one of the last men standing because I keep getting asked for video interviews.

Now if only I could stay awake in movies......

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  1. Astrofreq's Avatar
    I think your Dad would be very proud of where you have taken the company in the last five years. You do the Ball legacy a great service, BP.
  2. leftyguitarblue's Avatar
    +1 radrock.

    your hard work shows in all that you do. And that commitment is being followed by your boys. Well done guys.
    Updated 09-10-2009 at 08:02 AM by leftyguitarblue
  3. drewbixcubed's Avatar
    Very positive and true post. I know there is a lot to be said for the history behind EBMM, Ernie, Sterling, Dudley, (this list goes on) but I can't stress enough how gratifying and inspiring it is to work for and especially with everyone that is a part of it all.

    Excuse me...may I go to the bathroom?
  4. TheAntMan's Avatar
    Spot on BP!!!

    A lot of companies grow too big to be flexible. Just because you can does not mean you should. Very wise.

    Thank you for all you and yours are doing.

    -- Ant
  5. Trev's Avatar
    "I think your Dad would be very proud of where you have taken the company in the last five years. You do the Ball legacy a great service, BP."

    Here, here! Couldn't agree more. He must be looking down and smiling, knowing what's coming up!

  6. Colin's Avatar
    I'm totally blown away thanks Sterling you are amazing
  7. YtseJam92's Avatar
    That was great. Thank you for that.
  8. drTStingray's Avatar
    Nice one. Always a pleasure to read these.
  9. eadg98005's Avatar
    Well said!

    Sterling Ball for Governor of California (and George Zimmer for Lt Gov)!!!
  10. jchalas's Avatar

    Nicely put, BP.

    Have you thought about blogging or writing out the EB time-line from your dad's beginnings to where the company is now? I've found it a fascinating discourse every time I've heard you address the crowd at an EB Bash. Or maybe you've already done it.
  11. Wannabass's Avatar
    Bravo and all the best to your company.
    Time IS of the essence...
  12. Ponch's Avatar
    Big Poppa,

    thanks for sharing your precious thoughts.. this is a great digest for me..

    yer fan boy

  13. daiviet's Avatar
    your hard work shows in all that you do. Well done guys
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