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Hi, My name is Sterling Ball and this is my first Blog. The webmasters insisted that we have a Blog. I always thought that guys with blogs are kind of self important and pompous. I guess that may be why they want me to have one. We put this blog on the eye candy page featuring our latest Ball Family Reserve instruments to lure you in....(Also I can look at the page views and secretly take credit for the blog when it was really the pic's) Two of my Sons who are very active in the business will be coming along posting their side of the story. Big Poppa had to go first.

Really it is a good opportunity to communicate what we are thinking, where we've been, and hopefully where we are going.

About the Family.......I guess it started with my great grandfather Erniest R. Ball. He was a very famous songwriter and vaudville artist. He wrote many famous songs like, When Irish Eyes are Smiling and a ton of other hits of the teens and twenties. He traveled as Ernest R, Ball and Son. That one son was my favorite guy that I still dearly miss, Pop or Roland A Ball. Pop was a character and basically not a player at all but could dazzle you with an accordian, Ukelele, or piano for 3.5 minutes each. That was it. He faked it. Along came my dad. Most of you know him as Ernie Ball but his given name was Roland Sherwood Ball. He went by Sherwood though. Pop divorced my grandma and moved into a swinging batchelor pad in the forties in Santa Monica California. All of the players hung out there. Hawaiian music was big. Pop had the largest Hawaiian music publishing catalog. My Dad went to live with his Dad at 14 and fell in love with the Steel Guitar.......head over heels. Toast. ( By the way can I do run on sentences and bad paragraphs in Blogs?)

He had real talent...(it had obviously skipped Pop's generation) By seventeen myDad was gigging oll over LA and sneaking into clubs to play. when he was eighteen he was on live radio in LA and the radio host came time to introduce my dad and his featured spot and said " Got a great new star on the Steel Guitar....He goes by Sherwood but his granddaddy was Ernest R. Ball (who was still well known then) But I think Ernie is a better name for this kid...." it stuck....Thats how Ernie Ball came to be.

Part two coming..

Actually that wasn't too bad...(at least for me)

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