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So You Want To Be A Rock and Roll Star........

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This is for you Craig....
If dreams were cognizant of reality I would be toast. Why? Up to now the perception of the Rock and Roll star for young kids was Hot Chicks, Limos, Touring, Recording. The finest of everything and boatloads of money. The perception created the dream of being a rock star drove the kids to play the guitar and emulate their fav's. Like a kid wanting to be Tiger Woods in golf.....arrrghh. Barry Bonds in baseball...Now the biggest selling Rockstar is an energy drink.

When I was growing up you dreamed of being a Beatle or a Stone. That drove sales. Sales of everything musical. What do kids today dream of being or emulating? Who is going to tell them that if you want to be a rock star that it no longer pays?.... Who is going to tell them that dreamed about career has a half life of a fruit fly?....

In the old days I would tell parents that their kid should enjoy the guitar and play for fun and the passions that the instrument can bring out and create in their child....the relationships that it can help develop and the outlet for application of the kids attention. That still works. I told them that their kids chances were about as good as becoming a senator....I said that in the eighties, nineties.....What is it now? More like an astronaut.

We had record stores..they were social hubs and stocked a wide variety of music and you sort of hung out in the section where your music was...the dorks were in the other sections. Record stores have gone the way of the banished politician...except for the politician will be back.

Business schools may study the fall of rock and roll commerce. They may start with Sony vs Apple. Here is the basic breakdown:
Sony. Owned the largest catalog of music.
Sony. Owned the largest record company
Sony Created the personal music player.
(remember the walkman?)
Apple Zero Music Catalog
Apple No record company
Apple No consumer electronics experience
Apple just two percent of the world
computer market pre itunes.
How on god's green earth does Sony get so thoroughly crushed? It was a dwarf David vs a Steroid Goliath. Apple won. Why? Because while the dipsticks from the record companies were expense accounting their relevance they suddenly realized that they may not be relevant due the fact that kids didn't want to pay $18 bucks for a crappy CD with one good song and they didn't have to anymore because of Napster.So they mobilized and lobbied capital hill...they hired the best lawyers. They legislated and litigated to protect their outdated model. Meanwhile Steve Jobs of Apple understood that the public would like to get their music differently and the walkman is in grannies hope chest and the Ipod is king. What if the record companies had spent the money creating the new sales channel instead of fighting to save the dead one? They actually won though....

Guess what? Itunes is great and Apple is the hero but not for the artist. You buy a song for 99 cents and Apple gives the record companies not the artist 65 cents.....then after all is said and done the aritst if they are heavyweights get 14 cents. The strugling artist average 9 cents a song and they have to pay back the record company for all of the costs involved in the creation and production of the product.

There is still retail but it is so limited...If you are on the "end cap" of Wal Mart you are one of those astronauts I talked about earlier. Who would have thought that Wal Mart would be king of retail recorded music? QWho would of thought a great selction of music was 25 cd's?

AM radio was the 60's...FM ruled the 70's and 80's...I think the nineties got lost. Consolidation of programming killed the DJ...Clear Channel came along and became radio. Satellite Radio tried but fouled their depends.....The internet once again saved the day....the pirate programmers of the late 60's and early 70's re emerged on the internet. I can actually listen to a channel called "Steel Guitar Radio"

Music is free now. How did that happen? I have Pandora radio and feel guilty listening to it.

On the live side there are no venues to start, grow and if you put the space suit on get ready for Ticketmaster to net more than you do. Can you believe that people are still FORCED to pay up to 25% over face value for the ability to purchase a ticket on to a concert?

The pimps keep makin more than the ho's.

We need to figure out how to monetize the right people here...the peole who write and create the music. The funny part is that the kids that steal the music are stealing their dream too.

You still want to be a Rock and Roll Star?

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  1. beefyslinky's Avatar
    And to add another wrench to the touring bands spokes, gas is almost unmanageable. Great blog.
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    I feel like someone just poured a bucket of cold water atop of my head.

    Great post BP!
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