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  1. JP15 factory defaults for back of guitar adjustments

    got a second hand JP15 and would like to know what the default values are for the JP15 from the factory. Also - the little attenuators are not in line with the holes in the back plate. There are a...
  2. Thank you both for the feedback. I will check...

    Thank you both for the feedback. I will check those out.

    What polish/cleaner should we use for the finish and then the neck?

    What are the setup specks for the strings and pickup?

    This is a...
  3. new to JP15 - need pointers if you have them

    Just got the JP15(traded for a PRS 24 custom) and love the feel of the guitar. I need more information on it though and can't seem to find a manual.

    I understand the specifics of the split coil,...
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