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  1. Why is it so heavy of a guitar?

    Why is it so heavy of a guitar?
  2. I sounds and plays amazing the neck is like warm...

    I sounds and plays amazing the neck is like warm butter lol
  3. NGD: sterling cutlass with axis ss neck, hear the story....

    So I got a sterling cutlass, took it to my friend Cody's house. He has a MM axis ss on it's stand by his amp and his gf comes barging in like a maniac accuses him of some stuff not my concern. All...
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    Question: Got a quick question,

    Got a quick question, I have an Ernie ball Music Man Benji Madden guitar it has a single humbucker a DiMarzio custom wound pickup in it I was thinking of getting a Seymour invader or SH 1'59(What...
  5. Help: looking to buy a wireless system so no more cables get in the way

    looking for input, nothing cheap but nothing crazy
  6. Question: Rusty string saddles, should I clean? What works best ? or replace?

    they are getting pretty grungy how do I go about cleaning them, what do you guys do?
    Ive heard everything from wd40 to clr to oxi-clean to lighter fluid or even vinager
    What is the best method?...
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    Help: crack in neck plate?

    I just noticed a crack in my Benji Madden MM guitar, its the screw under the M in Music Man, it looks to be all the way threw the plate what should I do get it fixed stop playing the guitar :( or...
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    awesome axe

    awesome axe
  9. Anyone here now about how many benji guitars were...

    Anyone here now about how many benji guitars were made? I know they probably didn't sell many that's probably why it was discontinued but it would be cool to know how many are actually floating...
  10. NGD, another Benji Madden but this tim All Black

  11. Thread: Nuddald

    by billpepper82

    I feel the same way

    I feel the same way
  12. Going to give the Slinky tops Heavey bottoms a try so ?

    will I have adjust any thing an my guitar?
    I usually play super slinky or Pink Bag, standard tuning
    anyone else play these here? what did you think of them?
  13. Sticky: g28801 benji madden black

    benji madden black
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    NGD??!!! comming soon plus a rant

    My dad bought me a Benji Madden MM black with matching headstock and rosewood finger board, it is coming from Germany so I don't have it yet but boy am I excited I have 2 madden green mm 1 I play and...
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  16. Sticky: axis ss hardtail G53292

    axis ss hardtail
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    that neck is awesome, hope you get the parts you...

    that neck is awesome, hope you get the parts you need, and congrats
  19. Question: could find an answer looking sooo......

    What locking tuners can I put on my Sterling sub and where to get them and how much, and drilling an extra hole doesnt matter its a gift for a friend
  20. Question: Was there ever a Guitar Center exclusive Music Man guitar made?

    only available at GC and what was it and about how many were made?
  21. Sticky: March 10th, 2011 thanks so much

    March 10th, 2011[/QUOTE]

    thanks so much
  22. Sticky: G53292 Axis Super Sport HardTail tobacco burst

    Axis Super Sport HardTail tobacco burst
  23. Question: Has anybody heard of Scott Grove, is this guy legit?

    He has lessons and rants and reviews, he says many things but how legit is this guy?
  24. Question: Is it possible to make my Axis Super Sport hardtail into a single humbucker guitar?

    like what all would I need to do as far as wires and cutting and taking apart or removing this and that and maybe even tucking away the tone knob but keeping it turned to 7 and hiding it or would...
  25. Question: Will pencil lead on the nut really prevent binding? What is binding exactly?

    I seen someone do it on a video when I first searched on how locking tuners worked.
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