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  1. 2018-2021 Stingray Special, High-Pass filter

    I am aware that all previous 3eq regular Musicman Stingrays from 1987-2018 did have high-pass filters.

    Do the revised 2018-2021 Stingray Special Musicman basses 3 band pre-amps still use a...
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    Uncovering the 2 band eq pre-amp!

    Hello all, hope you're all well.

    Many forums and topics always mention,
    How the USA 2 Band eq pre-amp that is used in the Stingray classic, regular 2eq use stingray and USA Sub bass is exactly...
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    Cheers for the info guys. :cool: I e-mailed...

    Cheers for the info guys. :cool:

    I e-mailed, just waiting for a reply.

    Anyone on the forums, up for opening there Stingray 5 to have a look at their...
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    Verify authentic Stingray 5 Pre-amp & Pickup

    I bought a used USA Musician Stingray 5 H, it is a 2013/2014 version.:D

    I opened up the pre-amp and the code ''MC053W'' is written on the pre-amp. When this code is googled, it says the pre-amp is...
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    Question: 2018 MusicMan Stingray Changes

    Good afternoon all! :)

    Any news if the Pre-amp in the 2018 3 Bands Stingrays have got rid of the High-Pass filter thats used to cut out lower frequencies?

    In this NAMM 2018 video there is a...
  6. Thanks for all the great suggestions! :) I...

    Thanks for all the great suggestions! :)

    I found out what the issue was, the pickup!

    its just somehow came with less magnet pull on the pole pieces that a standard stingray should have.

  7. Output variances of current Musicman Stingray H Alnico pickups.

    I got a question regarding the output of current Musicman Stingray H Alnico pickups.

    in the 1980s pickup total output resistance of approx 1,950 ohms

    My current 2016 3eq H Stingray measures a...
  8. Have I got a defective Stingray Pre-amp/Pickup?

    Good day to you all!

    Have I got a defective Pre-amp/Pickup? :(

    Model: 2016 Single H 3 eq Musicman Stingray black/rosewood. :)

    The bass is very boomy and has low output when compared to...
  9. I ordered the matte black pickguard from WD music...

    I ordered the matte black pickguard from WD music its pretty darn close expect its missing the white middle layers between the plastics.
    Unfortunately WD music don't do custom orders for black/white...
  10. Is anyone in possession of a matte black Musicman...

    Is anyone in possession of a matte black Musicman Stinrgray 4 string pickguard with a truss rod notch?

    Willing to purchase it off of you :D
    or trade with my glossy black version :rolleyes:
  11. My Maple and Rosewood 3eq Stingrays sound very different!

    Hello everyone! :)
    Hows everyone this fine day!

    I have a beautiful 2 beautiful Musician Stingray 3 eq's

    One with a maple neck & one with rosewood neck,
    the exact same spec 3eq, single H,...
  12. Cheers man :D Much Appreciated!

    Cheers man :D

    Much Appreciated!
  13. Identify MusicMan Stingray rare scratch plate colour!

    Hello everyone!
    Hope y'all doing good! :D

    I just bought a new Musician Stingray 3eq black with rosewood :) 2'nd stingray 4 in 6 months! sold a 6 string Warwick Streamer Stage 1 NT for it....
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