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    One small correction...the COM trim adjusts the...

    One small correction...the COM trim adjusts the level for the neck humbucker when split. So you can balance the split coil sound with the full HB sound or even make the split coil sound louder (cool...
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    Q - Installing new PUPs on a Valentine?

    Hi gang.
    Looking for some tips.
    Have the awesome Valentine but want to put my own PUPs (two humbuckers) in as they are custom jobbies.
    Questions are this...

    1) On the Valentine PCB, connecting...
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    Help: Replacing Stingray control plate

    Looking for options to change the vol/tone plate on the Stingray.
    Ideally I want to do a Dustin Kensrue type thing With a single stacked pot.
    I'd be happy plugging the current volume hole and...
  4. Help: thanks!

  5. Help: this place! ...

    this place!

    All kinds of colours available and most EBMM guitars in the list.
    Fit perfectly.
  6. Help: Thanks! I'm a moron. Didn't even think to check...

    Thanks! I'm a moron. Didn't even think to check if the arm tip was removable! It certainly is and I've purchased a black tip to replace as well as black vol/tone knobs.
  7. Help: Replacing Modern Trem and/or arm for Cutlass RS with another original?

    Hi all.
    New and proud owner of a EBMM Cutlass RS HSS in Charcoal Frost.
    I'm looking for advice on sourcing a new trem arm for the Modern trem - which i LOVE as a trem!

    This is purely an...
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