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  1. Question: Luke II Tremolo replacement parts / spare part list


    I bought a Music Man Luke II in Luke Blue and EMGs on ebay.
    The guitar came in pretty good condition. The only things that need to be replaced are the plate of the tremolo (because the knife...
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    k thanks! cheers chumba

    k thanks!


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    ugly nut reply

    i would really like to answer the member in this forum, dear moderator.

    i really had all those *special* marks on my music man.

    writing to the customer service would change nothing! sending my...
  4. Ugly Nut on my MuMan Petrucci... bad work...

    hi everyone...

    i know this topic seems to be ridiculous.....

    but take a look closer at your john petrucci guitar and you'll maybe see that for example the nut has been glued on the neck without...
  5. i wanted to see some pics of a real ****ed up...

    i wanted to see some pics of a real ****ed up john petrucci, steve morse or luke guitar.

    ive never seen such ones out there.

    i think that there are guitars that have to look like they were...
  6. do u have pics of a real vintage looking petrucci mm?

    i wonder if theres a real worn and vintage looking jp musicman on this planet. most of the owners really take care of their expensive and great music man guitar.

    please post pics!

  7. hmn i really thought starting a thread like that...

    hmn i really thought starting a thread like that would be ridiculous in some ways...

    but i really have to say that i payed about 3000 for that great instrument.

    this would be 4668$ over there!...
  8. i bought this guitar new and finally recognized...

    i bought this guitar new and finally recognized these shinin-through-lines by holdin it against the sunlight.

    i thought this could be the marks of two touchin pieces of wood.

    i guess it might...
  9. u can see the pieces of wood my mm is made of THROUGH the that normal?

    i have a mm fully loaded petrucci in mystic dream.
    the lack is beatuful. but theres one thing that seems to be strange for me:

    u can see two straight lines along the body of the guitar. im...
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    crackin input boxes at ma music man

    i owned the muman petrucci fully loaded 2007 version.
    i love this guitar and it sounds quite perfect. the only problem i have with it:

    both input boxes (where u plugin the cable) are crackin when...
  11. the screws of my tremolo are ****ed. u have the same problem?

    hi folks!

    i i already wrote in another thread...11's on my john petrucci muman. so i had to ajust my tremolo again. i had to turn the screws that hold the metal plate for the tremolo...
  12. ok thanks for that answer. how high should the...

    ok thanks for that answer. how high should the tremolo block be? should the block build a line with the body of the guitar when u look from the side on it?
    or do i have to ajust it another way?
  13. 11 strings on JP MM - additional spring?

    hi folks!

    i bought a new john petrucci signature music man. i really love that guitar.
    today i decided to change the strings. i all the time played 10 strings but now i would like to have more...
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