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    thank you very much ;)

    thank you very much ;)
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    Luke 3 HSS vs HH ?

    Hello everyone!
    I wonder what is the difference between guitar with HH and HSS, in terms of "sound".
    I Luke 3 has the HSS version, but I wonder if the sound changes a lot with the HH?
    And I am...
  3. Question: Thank you very much ;)

    Thank you very much ;)
  4. Question: Hello, it's the Roasted maple.

    Hello, it's the Roasted maple.
  5. Question: Clean and feed a guitar neck (front / back)

    Hello, I would like to know what product to use product to cleanse and nourish the wood of the guitar neck (front / back).
    The guitar is a Steve Lukather 3.
    thank you in advance.
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