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Thread: Have a question about The Game Changer GUITAR? Just ask the Music Man team!

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    Well, that'll do it! Sounds like someone was tinkering with something they shouldn't have been. Good troubleshooting.

    Thanks for the pictures. I've never taken the covers off of mine. (Also HSHp.)
    I believe every guitar player inherently has something unique about their playing. They just have to identify what makes them different and develop it. EVH

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wahoonc View Post
    You can download the specs from each guitar's page. But just wanted to let you know that I had the exact opposite experience. My silo has less output than my GC. The first thing I might suggest is going into the GC interface and setting the bank configurations to "active." (Doesn't make the pups active, but keeps the output level constant.) I don't think pup height should be an issue, based on my experience.

    Seriously, I bought a TC Spark Booster for my Silo because I needed to reset the amp settings every time I switched from Silo to GC.
    Im wondering where you got the data that setting active keeps output level constant. Im surprised there is no info about some details of the system on the GC website. Where is a manual?

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    Hi Everyone. I'm looking for a solid body electric guitar with humbucker and multiple single coil sounds (not just one choice) along with piezo, and I just came across the Ernie Ball Music Man Reflex Game Changer w/Piezo. Wow! It looks amazing, but googling it doesn't turn up much. Is it still made? Who sells them? Are they oddballs? If not available, what's the closest model with those features? Thanks!
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