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Thread: Welcome to The Game Changer Section!

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    Welcome to The Game Changer Section!

    Hi everyone! As you probably guessed, this is the place to discuss and share anything Game Changer related! We too will be posting some fun stuff here for your viewing pleasure!

    Now, let's have some fun!!!!!!
    "If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?" Albert Einstein

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    I played one yesterday. Personally I can't get along with axis/reflex shape. I'm more of a jp/AL player.
    But, my big question:
    How do you know what bank youre on? I knew how to access it, but, damn. dont you need some sort of "legend" or "map" so you know what you have going. I kept flipping the bank and listening to the changes, but I felt lost.
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    Glad you got a chance to play one, but sorry you were "lost!"

    With regards to the banks, there are a few tricks....
    #1. The tone knob is push/pull and when in the down position your are in Bank A (meaning you are using the "first" 5 positions of the pickup selector switch). If the tone knob is up, then you are in Bank B (yet another 5 positions of the pickup selector switch). This acts kind of like a car stereo if you have 5 favorite presets on "FM1" and another 5 favorites on "FM2."

    #2. If you toggle the Bank Z switch on the upper horn up or down , then you are browsing through 15 different "factory defaults" that range from single coil to series and parallel humbucking tones. Think of Bank Z as the "tuner dial" on your car can get a lot of radio stations, but once you find the one you want, you save it to your favorites in Bank A or B.

    #3. If the last switch you used is Bank Z, then you are hearing one of the presets in Bank Z. If the last switch you used was either the 5 way preset selector switch OR the Bank A/B toggle on the tone knob, then you are in either Bank A or B.

    #4. A lot of people request to know where they are at with some sort of indicator, but we feel the best indicator is the sound of the preset. If you like the sound, save it to your favorite position in Bank A/B, and you can use it over and over again! Think of it this you care if your favorite radio station is 101.3, or do you like it because they play your favorite music? So, do you care if you are in Bank Z position 13, or do you care that the tone rocks!

    Hope that helps a bit....
    "If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?" Albert Einstein

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    that makes sense. There were definitely some good ones in there.

    I can see where it will be a very popular tool. I did use my ears to judge. That's all I had!
    dannyMUSIC...mashing guitars since 1972

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    Finally had a chance to play a GC Bass yesterday. As I wasn't expecting it to be there I wasn't prepared for the switching and A/B/Z thing, have a Big AL so the pre-amp was familiar.
    Now that I've researched a bit more I'll be going back to give it a good test drive.
    I like the GC system so much so that I'm considering streamlining the collection by getting all GC guitars and basses BUT, I don't see a fretless bass. Please tell me I can get one .... Custom order ..... Sign over my first born ... whatever it takes as my 92 Fretless Ray is my go to instrument.

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    I was just wondering? - how are things going with the GC?
    Any recent developments or snippets of info that would be of interest?
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    I'm working on the next edition of Mr. Game Changer's Tool Box which will be sent out very soon. I'll give you some insight into how to wire your HSH Game Changer guitar like a certain English guitarist...

    There are lots of other things in the works too!

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    Hi, Mr. I'm pretty new to the GC forums and software. I have moused around, and cannot find any configuration settings other than a couple which were posted by some guys in MM customer service. I tried them and like them alot.

    You refer in the 12-11-2012 post above to a "toolbox", and to "insight into how to wire your HSH Game Changer guitar like a certain English Guitarist". I can't find the toolbox anywhere, and I can't find the setting on how to wire the HSH GC like a certain English Guitarist". Could you point me in these directions? Thanks!

    I know it's a pretty old post.

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