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Thread: poll for what you would like to see next

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    I don't think this is "cheating", this instrument is offering you no frontiers in the sound you can get. You can create your own sound if you already don't have one. I got this instrument because it allows me choice and freedom of sounds, and I'll repeat this again "I don't like the neck, liker wider at nut" that is a very personal choice, but the possibilities are greater than me disliking the neck. JB♫

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    Well put Kev. Do what makes us happiest. Ill try to and keep an open mind when it comes time for me to make my next MM purchase. Thanks!

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    I'd like to 'have' one of those neck through guitars I've played 335's and other neck through guitars for years and years.. And I'm so accustomed to the feel that I kind of miss it. But not so much now because I'm playing musicman product. :-) but if I could get my hands on one of those neck through guitars I think I've died and gone to heaven.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stu42 View Post
    Guitar: Bass: Gamechanger Mahogany Bongo 5 HHp with the bridge pickup in the "sweet-spot", standard GC 5-way switch setup, roasted neck, Ebony Fingerboard and some nice Trans colour selections - also available in Fretless.

    Edit: How about Spalted Maple tops with no binding. As long as you're asking!

    I'm in! Where does the line start!

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    HSH Game Changer with mahogany or alder body (I'm not a chambered-body fan but I wouldn't rule one out), mahogany or maple neck, rosewood or burnt maple FB, Music Man Vintage vibrato, Blue Pearl or Candy Red (perhaps black as well) finish.......I'm all in!
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    More colors. At least the 4 standard Reflex colors, but a nice cherry burst would be cool too.

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    Fretless GC Reflex, PF or Ebony please .....

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    As an aspiring tech/luthier, I heartily second this amazing advancement being made available to a much wider audience than simply EBMM players/fans. I actually also had a friend-of-a-friend approach me with the prospect of pickup switching with MIDI and this system would be perfect to use for it.
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    In order of importance and/or likelihood of ever happening?

    1. Five string GC bass, fretted & fretless.
    2. GC as an option for all of MM's bass & guitar product lines. (Yes I want a GC Bongo, SR, BigAl, Silhouette, you name it.)
    3. GC retrofit kit for all (multi pickup?) MM models.
    4. GC retrofit kit for all the electric string instruments in the world.

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    Simple. AL Black with aged white pearloid scratchplate, Rosewood neck, piezo, HSH, Trem, GC electronics. Done and Done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beefyslinky View Post
    So I'm still learning about all the options this instrument has and Ill be honest, I'm not much of a gear head so it's still is a little confusing to me. I love the fact that the Reflex was chosen for this because its such a bitchen model. Call me old fashioned, but where is the pride in having 250,000 tones in a single guitar? I love guitars for their ability to have their own distinct and unique tones that come solely from the wood and other specs alike. Also, I have recently been experimenting with the new TC Electronic Tone Print pedals and again I am not impressed by "cheating" and downloading other players sounds. Am I alone or am I completely out of touch with this whole thing?
    I couldn't agree more.. i think it's better to have a guitar with just one amazing sound from just one pickup, than to have 250000 sounds and trying to find just one regular sound. the same applies with amps.
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    That's the beauty of the Game Changer guys. Who are we (or any other guitar manufacturer for that matter) to determine what one or three or five sounds you get? If you want one sound the Game Changer will do it. If you want more, it can do that too. It's really as simple as you want to make it and it doesn't involve any sort of modeling. You essentially get to rewire the pickups of the guitar however you want and you don't need to be a genius to do it. You can also demo any of the sounds so that you know right away whether or not you like them.
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    I'm with AJ. It's better to have options than to not. Find what you like, stick with it, knowing you have the option of mixing things up any time you like.

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    Not sure if anyone has asked this question, but if you wanted to change pickups how does that work? is it the same as any other guitar?
    cheers D
    ive been asked this question a few times and im not sure what to tell people
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    OK I held back.....cheating...hehehehe Cheating is having some guy or gal at a company decide how you should sound.
    We didnt add anything we just unlocked it. WOod is still a factor your hands are

    the game changer is not for intimidates the not so brave.....It will one day be my legacy. Now I just am happy to have a few that want control of their guitar or bass....its you instrument why not find out what has been kept from you?
    Are you guys and gals saying that one or five sounds is what your guitar sounds like? Im so sorry that you dont understand what your guitar is capable of..... can you imagine having a v8 that was hard wired for a four cylinder and the guy who unlocks it is called a cheater?
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