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Thread: First song with Game-Changer

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    First song with Game-Changer

    Posted this in the bass thread too, didn't realize there was a Game-Changer thread now.

    I've been absolutely loving the Game Changer since I got it a few months back. My band spent the summer recording some new tracks and the first one is officially out with a music video. Check it out here:

    Sins of the Loose Buttons - I LOVE LUCY (Official Music Video) - YouTube

    I apologize in advanced for the Thunderbird in the video, everyone felt it worked aesthetically with the look of the video (I don't even think the electronics on it work). I promise that the bass actually used in the song is 100% the Game Changer. I also engineered, mixed and mastered the whole thing. Let me know what you think!

    For anyone who'd maybe like to support, you can get the track on iTunes here:

    Game Changer Reflex 4HH-Black, Rosewood board (D.O.B. 04/09/12)
    Stingray 4HH-Honey Burst, Rosewood board (D.O.B. 03/05/08)

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    Awesome mix, nicely done!
    Have you got G.A.S. for another EBMM???
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    Awesome! What configurations did you use? What are your favorites?

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    Most of the song is just coil 2, passive. The bridge of the song (slap bass part) is active, all 4 coils in series.

    I've found that I really like just coil 2 passive mode for a lot of uses. Very simple tone that seems to work for almost everything!
    Game Changer Reflex 4HH-Black, Rosewood board (D.O.B. 04/09/12)
    Stingray 4HH-Honey Burst, Rosewood board (D.O.B. 03/05/08)

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    Nice video man. Glad you're digging the Game Changer.
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    Very, very cool video!

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    Excellent workthanks for sharing
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