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Thread: How do you find other people's settings?

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    How do you find other people's settings?

    I just went back and watched the videos and a lot of the artists were talking about how they would be able to see what people came up with as far as configurations and vice versa. I was wondering though how a person accesses what configurations other people come up with.

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    zoom lens!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TNT View Post
    zoom lens!

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    Online, built in to the app, I think.
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    As of right now you can only see artist settings on the app.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrGameChanger View Post
    As of right now you can only see artist settings on the app.
    Gotcha! Eventually will you be able to see other people settings and see what they have done or is that one of those things that it would be too much of a pain in the butt to do?

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    I am a happy fresh owner of a Game Changer Bass.
    When deciding to buy one a strong argument was the
    possibility to share settings players to players
    (argument in many promotion videos)

    I really like that possibility very very much
    -it will make our Game Changer's shine above all our other basses/guitars!

    When I want a "Thunderbird Bass-sound" I quickly go to the community (web app?)
    -and see what others have come up with => try the sounds => and load the one i like into my bass/guitar!

    That's the future!
    Our instruments are ready!

    So PLEASE launch it soon!

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    When using the iOS app, sharing is built in in the form of a image of the grid setting. Similarly, one could take a screenshot of the grid and share it.
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    Seeing other people's settings would be handy. But more relevant for me, I'd like to be able to search for recognizable tones, for example by song, like how the Line 6 Amplifi does it. For instance, how might one configure your TGC to emulate a good *insert artist* tone.

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    Sometimes you could just politely ask after a gig in case the musician is approachable and does not look to be busy or should not be bothered. Learned a lot this way, myself. And anyone who wants to find out about my setup, they could talk to me any time after/before/during gigs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Rock View Post
    Seeing other people's settings would be handy. But more relevant for me, I'd like to be able to search for recognizable tones, for example by song, like how the Line 6 Amplifi does it. For instance, how might one configure your TGC to emulate a good *insert artist* tone.

    To get an idea (which is usually just an approximation, if I understand your suggestion correctly), use Line 6 profiles to get a sense of what effects are involved. A lot of them are trash, a lot of them are good, but if you can one that speaks to you at least you have a sense of the effects chain involved.

    Also, aren't there lots of other artist banks on the web app, so you can hear them and/or copy them to your GC? Or are people asking how we would share our own unique settings among ourselves? If so, maybe we can start a thread with custom tones, briefly describe the characteristics, post a screenshot, and probably mention the amp/effects if any you are using.

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    How should the user-preset-sharing work?

    Let us continue to share ideas:

    The instruments are ready!
    The user-preset-sharing-forum could soon be ready.

    My needs:

    1. DRAG-AND-DROP (like You can do from the Genre Banks & Artist Schemes)
    => in the studio there is no time for looking at photos/screenshots of others presets. I have to be able to drag-and-drop, and in a couple of minutes TRY 15 different sounds, and chose the one I need for that song. TGC is the only instrument capable of doing this!!

    2. QUICK-SEARCH-engine for the desired sound. I guess the best would be if users gave their presets short names that indicates the character of their sound/preset: ”THUNDERBIRD” or ”GARY MOORE”... Names associated with songs, instruments or artists.
    I guess EBMM could solve the trademark-problem by giving the user-preset-sharing-forum a position OUTSIDE the company...so that EBMM won't be accused of illegal use of trade marks... (If that's not possible we users have to take care of the name-giving-problem, and give our presets 'legal' names...like TAANDERBIRD......GERRIE MORE, -and perhaps EBMM have to approve, before publishing the new preset. If that means emplyees from EBMM have to work hours a week with this, I think it will be well worth the money for EBMM; => the expanding amount of user presets will promote the Game Changers superior possibilities in need of sound.)

    3. In ”PROPERTIES” the user could comment things like EQ-adjustments (like in Tony Levin Bank 1) or amp/effects, or 'fingers close to bridge'...'pick'....'sounds like upright bass'...

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    I'm not sure of any space limitations on the backside of the web interface, but it seems like it would be relatively painless to add functionality to the web app that would allow a specific configuration to be saved by a user with a generic description and transferred to a public bank for all to surf and try. Keep it simple and I can't imagine storing the configurations would require much space at all.

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    I too would love this functionality. There were a couple of posts here on how to set up the Game Changer to sound like a couple of guitars, but since I don't own all the guitars I would like to emulate, I can't guess how to set up the GC to sound like, say an Epiphone Casino.

    After buying the GC, I figured out the ES355, and gave it to my son. I figured out the ES345 and gave that one to my son-in-law. Now I have to figure out the Taylor, and I'm guessing I'll have to buy a small portable amp to carry around if I want to play on the artificial turf. But having somebody else share the work would be great.

    Hopefully I can get down to 2 guitars, the GC and my Rick 12. I don't think you can emulate the Rick 12 with just pickups.

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    You might not be able to emulate that Ric baseball-bat neck (!), but I bet you can get close to the nasally/jangly Ric sound. Just a guess, though. Rics are one of the few guitars that you can pick out of a lineup on sound alone, if you know their sound. Don't know about emulating a Taylor, but some of the acoustic amps I've seen lately have been so loaded with effects that I bet you could make your Ric sound like a Taylor. ����

    The GC community hasn't been particularly active. Maybe we should start a thread with configuration screenshots. I personally have only configured based on what I hear and like--so no specific guitar emulations--but you have piqued my interest. The whole point of the GC is to be limitless and get the right tone, no matter what pickup/guitar, from one guitar. I love the GC neck, so why not turn the Z bank into a reference tone section for other guitars! Would love to test drive an ES without leaving the house. If I want to play an AC/DC tune, why not have the SG on tap? Also, maybe spark some interest in others who are looking for a specific tone. Breathe some life into the tweakers who have GCs.
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