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Thread: Jamie Humphries Blackstar webcast using Game Changer

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    Jamie Humphries Blackstar webcast using Game Changer

    Hi Guys just to let you all know i shall be presenting a live webcast on August 22nd, this coming thursday for Blackstar amps. The webcast is called Rock Star tones, and features the digital ID series. I will be challenged to create famous tones in just 30 seconds using the amp, by Facebook requests, and also live via the chat that streams during the webcast. This is going to be a very challenging and fun webcast, especially as its live. As i'm going to be challenged to get so many tones I shall be using the most versatile guitar in the Game be sure to log in and check out the webcast to see and hear the Game Changer in action..cheers Jamie

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    What time should we tune in?

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    did you mean "tune up"?!

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    It'll be 7.30pm BST (British Summer Time if i'm not mistaken)
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