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Thread: How to dial in a SSS sound with Game Changer

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    How to dial in a SSS sound with Game Changer

    I have the HSH game changer and have been struggling with the SSS fourth position sound, basically the neck side quack position.

    I've tried setting up as 3S5 and also as 3P5 and neither sounds correct, they both have too much high end.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Why 3P5 instead of 3P5?

    If you were thinking of the RWRP thing, remember if a strat middle pickup is RWRP, it is both RW and RP and boh are required for the right sound. In this case if you do 3, you only have RW, not RP and the sound will be thin and bright. 3S5 should be similar (not identical) and noticeably louder.
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    3P5 is the "standard" wiring for the 4th position.

    Keep in mind that even though you can wire the guitar in the "standard" ways. by playing with the other coils and wiring configurations, you can get the nuances dialed in the way you like. For example....have you tried 1p3p5 (one of my favorite tones!)? Perhaps 1p3p(4s5)....the list goes on and on and on......
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    These two presets offer a pretty unique twist on the single coil sound.

    How to dial in a SSS sound with Game Changer-screen-shot-2014-03-12-7-22-00-am-jpgHow to dial in a SSS sound with Game Changer-screen-shot-2014-03-12-7-22-26-am-jpg
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    I find 3p5 and 1p3 to be pretty convincing, with proper amp settings. The excessive high end sound could be solved by increasing volume/gain on the clean channel. One drawback to going from humbucker to single coil is the single coil sounds might be a bit thin or high when the amp is EQ'd for optimal HB, say a nice jazzy clear neck pickup. If one was really clever, they'd use the MIDI switching to autoatically activate an amp/pedel clean boost when switching to single coils. Conversely, the optimal single coil setting might cause a bit too much distortion on the clean humbuckers. In that case you could just set the channel for a perfect single coil sound and then roll down the volume a bit when switching back to HBs.

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