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Thread: Improved Pickup Switching in The Majesty

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    Improved Pickup Switching in The Majesty

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    Excellent diagram and explanation. Thank you.

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    cool.... the little nub toggles are great. I wondered if they would feel too small, but they don't at all.

    If you look up the word "ergonomic" in the dictionary (I guess it would be Wiki these days...), you see a picture of the Majesty guitar....
    It's incredible!

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    Looking great, and I just found your forums, alot of great information - thank!

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    Great information, Thanks. One of the reasons I am here is to get really smart on MM guitars , Majesty in particular, since I have only recently discovered what great players they are.

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    I'm with xjbebop, the recessed switches are fantastic. They are absolutely the perfect height - they stay out of the way while I'm playing and are just the right size when I need to switch sounds.
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    You guys should really check out the Game changer. I have the HSHP with tremolo and maple neck. This guitar is like all my other guitars rolled in to 1 and I LOVE playing it. Incredible diversity like no other. I have modded many guitars in the past and now I don't need to ! I still love my other guitars, my JP's, LP's Fenders (insert G.A.S. here the list goes on and on). The pickups in the HSHP model are like nothing I have ever heard before. I believe the HH model is the same or similar to the EVH pickups. The ability to "rewire" any combination of series, parallel, Phase, Passive or active and control it by midi is un paralleled. Stage or studio just unreal.

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